About www.marionandalfred.de

This webpage has been created by Alfred Lorenz, powered by Joomla! 1.5.22

Actual revison: 1.11.1 of December 16th 2018

Following extensions are used:

  • beez Templete, version 1.0.0 from Angie Radtke / Robert Deutz with some minor modifications
  • Phoca Gallery, version 2.7.5 from Jan Pavelka, www.phoca.cz with some minor modifications
  • Easybook Reloaded, version including EasyCalcCheck PLUS from Viktor Vogel, www.kubik-rubik.de
  • JComments, version from www.JoomlaTune.ru
  • Since version 1.2.0: OSOLCaptcha, version 1.0.6 from www.outsource-online.net
  • Since version 1.5.0: JEZ reCAPTCHA Integrator, version 1.0.0. from JoomlaEZ.com
  • Since version 1.6.0: AcyMailing Starter version 3.5.0
  • Since version 1.10.0: Phoca Download, version 1.3.9 from Jan Pavelka, www.phoca.cz

Everything is Free Software released under the GPLv2 license.

JEZ reCAPTCHA Integrator