We came back to Bangkok on February 19th and we returned to Germany two days later. Like on our first trip in November 2017 we stayed in Bangkok's Chinatown and explored the city on foot.

Mural close to the River City Shopping Complex


Before we headed to Bangkok we spent four days in the tropical paradise of Koh Kood island which is located close to the border to Cambodia and Koh Chang which we had visited also in November 2017 - see article: Koh Chang - A beautiful island in the Gulf of Thailand.

Our trip in Cambodia started excitingly: We had to change the bus on the border to Laos and drove few kilometers to a rest stop in the middle of nowhere. It turned out that we had two flat tires. Fortunately there was a little workshop on the street and the technicians did an amazing job and we could continue our itinerary to Siem Reap with just two hours delay. This was our first contact with the incredible gentle and admirable Cambodian people.

Family on Sangker River


Siem Reap is the hub for the Angkor Wat temple complex which are the most important touristic destination in Cambodia and one of the most impressive ruins on earth built by the Khmer between the 9th and 13th centuries. Angkor Wat is the identification symbol of Cambodia, consequently on its national flag and it is an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The old royal capital of Laos Luang Prabang is an UNESCO World Heritage site thanks to its numerous and well preserved Buddhist temples and monasteries. The little towns with approximately 50,000 inhabitants lies in central northern Laos on shore of mighty Mekong. Consequently Luang Prabang is one of the major tourist attractions in Laos.

Sunset on Mekong which is one of the largest river on earth


We came to Laos via plane on January 15th 2020 and explored on the following day its picturesque and interesting inner city including the short ascent to 353 meters high Phou Si Mountain.

Vietnam has beautiful mountains in the North including 3143 meters high Fansipan which is the tallest peak of Vietnam and also of Indochina which includes Laos and Cambodia, too.

Guan Yin Statue close to the summit of Fansipan


We arrived in busy Hanoi on December 18th 2019 which is the capital of Vietnam and the the northern metropolis of Vietnam with more than eight million inhabitants and probably more little bikes. Crossing the street of its old town is a real challenge due to the incredible extensive bike traffic. Many of its streets, churches and markets were nicely decorated.

Northern Thailand is much cooler than the rest thanks to its higher sea-levels. For us it was nearly unbearable hot and humid in Bangkok after our arrival on November 8th 2017 and we decided to head northwards. Two days later we took the train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. The engine broke half the way and we had to wait for another one. So we arrived at Chiang Mai at 6:00h early morning instead of midnight after spending 17 hours in the train. But the trip was worth because we felt immediately in love with the green, lush and mountainous landscape adorned with nice cities and beautiful temples.

Little colorful temple with monk

Thanks to an excellent offer of Etihad Airlines we decided to fly to Thailand in November 2017. We spent two weeks in northern Thailand and traveled between Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai (see next article: Between Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai). The third week we were on the beautiful island Koh Chang on the northeastern corner of the Gulf of Thailand close to the Cambodian border.

Venomous Big-eyed Pit-viper in the jungle of Koh Chang


When we came to Bangkok in the late evening we were so tired on the next day that we slept until lunch time (six hours time difference to Germany!). We stayed in the low budget hostel Marin Inn in Bangkok's Chinatown. When we explored this quarter a tuk-tuk driver (three wheeler taxis based on mopeds) offered us to show us for little money some interesting places. First we saw some nice temples. We refused a shopping mall and asked him to head to the port of mighty river Mae Nam Chao Phraya. He drove to an touristic port where the agency wanted more than 100U$ for a 2 hours cruise on the river.