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CIMG2090We are traveling through America with our little motor-home since January 2011. In South America we visited Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador and Colombia. Beginning of 2015 we came to Central America and continued to Mexico. In March 2017 we crossed the border to the United States of America.

We love nature and we enjoyed many times pristine and remote places with abundant wildlife, for instance in cold Patagonia or hot Pantanal. Our passion are mountains, thus we stayed much time in the Andes and the higher ranges of Brazil, Central America and Mexico. We climbed up several high and important peaks of the Andes like Mercedario in Argentina, Huayna Potosi in Bolivia, Ojos del Salado in Chile and Nevado de Tolima in Colombia. Also we found in Central America, Canada, Mexico and USA some exciting mountains like Cerro Chirripó in Cost Rica and Mount Elbert in Colorado.

In addition we included some articles, pictures and GPS coordinates about Africa, Asia and Europe like our trip to Tanzania in winter 2019, where we climbed up Kilimanjaro.


We have fulfilled our dream to travel from Patagonia to Alaska!

 Marion in the Atlantic Ocean

At the moment we are back in Europe.

Jumping Whale

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to travel to Patagonia

Koh Kood and Bangkok 2nd

Friday, 03 April 2020 18:36

We came back to Bangkok on February 19th and we returned to Germany two days later. Like on our first trip in November 2017 we stayed in Bangkok's Chinatown and explored the city on foot.

Mural close to the River City Shopping Complex


Before we headed to Bangkok we spent four days in the tropical paradise of Koh Kood island which is located close to the border to Cambodia and Koh Chang which we had visited also in November 2017 - see article: Koh Chang - A beautiful island in the Gulf of Thailand.



Friday, 03 April 2020 11:23

Our trip in Cambodia started excitingly: We had to change the bus on the border to Laos and drove few kilometers to a rest stop in the middle of nowhere. It turned out that we had two flat tires. Fortunately there was a little workshop on the street and the technicians did an amazing job and we could continue our itinerary to Siem Reap with just two hours delay. This was our first contact with the incredible gentle and admirable Cambodian people.

Family on Sangker River


Siem Reap is the hub for the Angkor Wat temple complex which are the most important touristic destination in Cambodia and one of the most impressive ruins on earth built by the Khmer between the 9th and 13th centuries. Angkor Wat is the identification symbol of Cambodia, consequently on its national flag and it is an UNESCO World Heritage Site.



Friday, 27 March 2020 11:23

The old royal capital of Laos Luang Prabang is an UNESCO World Heritage site thanks to its numerous and well preserved Buddhist temples and monasteries. The little towns with approximately 50,000 inhabitants lies in central northern Laos on shore of mighty Mekong. Consequently Luang Prabang is one of the major tourist attractions in Laos.

Sunset on Mekong which is one of the largest river on earth


We came to Laos via plane on January 15th 2020 and explored on the following day its picturesque and interesting inner city including the short ascent to 353 meters high Phou Si Mountain.


Vietnam - North and Central

Sunday, 22 March 2020 21:10

Vietnam has beautiful mountains in the North including 3143 meters high Fansipan which is the tallest peak of Vietnam and also of Indochina which includes Laos and Cambodia, too.

Guan Yin Statue close to the summit of Fansipan

We arrived in busy Hanoi on December 18th 2019 which is the capital of Vietnam and the the northern metropolis of Vietnam with more than eight million inhabitants and probably more little bikes. Crossing the street of its old town is a real challenge due to the incredible extensive bike traffic. Many of its streets, churches and markets were nicely decorated.


Alaska - Haines and Skagway, Seattle and Columbia River Gorge

Wednesday, 20 November 2019 16:52

We came back to Alaska to beautiful Haines on August 17th 2019. It is famous for watching fishing Bears on Chilkoot River during the Salmon run but we had no luck. However we spent a nice evening chatting with a younger German couple in the late evening.

Totem Poles in Haines


But we had very good luck on Mount Ripinsky which is a splendid day hike from Haines. The views to the glaciers, mountains and sounds were overwhelming.


From Kluane National Park to Vancouver

Thursday, 26 September 2019 00:53

From Alaska back to the lower 48 states through Canada we chose Alaska and Cassiar Highways. From Prince Rupert we took the the ferry through the Canadian Inside Passage which was a wonderful 15 hours trip. This ferry ends in Port Hardy in Vancouver Island, where we explored its northern and central parts before we continued to the metropolis of Vancouver.

Canadian flag on the ferry through the Inside Passage


Alaska - Central and South

Saturday, 07 September 2019 19:55

Finally we came to Alaska after we had started our journey in South America more than eight years ago. We had met many nice people, had observed a lot of stunning animals, had seen beautiful landscapes and cities, had climbed up more than 250 exciting mountains and had driven approximately 140,000 kilometers with our little camper.

Our impression about Alaska is that it is everything but cold, at least in summer. We spent more than seven weeks in central and southern Alaska which is accessible by roads. The sun was shining nearly always with temperatures higher than 25°C, and we had just two days with rain. We enjoyed swimming in many lakes with pleasant temperatures, sometimes in front of icy mountains. Our car was full of warm gear like excellent sleeping bags which we never needed.

Lake with icebergs on foot of huge Kennicott Glacier


Alaska was Alfred birthday present because we crossed its border on June 23rd 2019. We celebrated both events in the only bar in the "Downtown" of Chicken which is an old gold mining town with seven inhabitants based on the census 2010.


From Edmonton to Dawson City

Thursday, 11 July 2019 03:14

We saw incredible much wildlife on our way from Calgary to Alaska via Dawson City. After seeing 13 bears on one single day we stopped counting them.

Plains Bison in Elk Island National Park


We left Germany in the late afternoon of June 4th 2019 and had an interesting flight to Calgary with Condor with awesome views of Greenland and northeastern Canada.


Tanzania 2019

Thursday, 20 June 2019 19:33

Tanzania is a peaceful tropical paradise in East Africa with friendly and mainly happy people. Its nature is overwhelming with famous national parks like Serengeti, pristine beaches on the Indian Ocean and Lake Tanganyika, and huge mountains like 5895 meters high Kilimanjaro which is the tallest peak of Africa. In addition there is a lot of touching culture like Stone Town on the island Zanzibar.

Chimps in the Gombe National on shore of Lake Tanganyika


Of course we had the intention to climb up Kilimanjaro. Close to the mountain and between the two larger cities Moshi and Arusha is the Kilimanjaro International Airport where we entered Tanzania together with Marion's brother Tommy mid of January 2019.


Jasper / Banff 2nd and Dinosaurs

Saturday, 22 September 2018 20:48

From Vancouver Island we drove quickly to Mount Robson Provincial Park. On the way we stayed one night on a nice parking lot Blue River on highway 5 (GPS coordinates: N52° 13.488' W119° 13.091') where we saw some cute animals.

Ground Squirrel on Blue River rest area

In the morning we realized that some trees were burning close to the rest area. Fortunately the wind came from the opposite direction.


Vancouver Island - South

Friday, 07 September 2018 04:43

An outstanding must to do on Vancouver Island is Whale Watching, especially with kids. We choose the company Orca Spirit Adventure in Victoria because they had four seat available on a little boat for Rosemarie, Alfred, Jay and Kuba. Jutta, Marion and Hermann took a larger and more convenient ship.

Three Astronauts in front of the litttle boat


The cruise to the tiny rocks of Port Angeles in USA was quite bumpy. Fortunately we had our warm and cozy Astronaut like gear with a good padding. There was no customs on the border because we had no passports with us. There we met the larger ship with Jutta, Marion and Hermann.


From Glacier / Waterton to Banff / Yoho Nationalparks

Saturday, 18 August 2018 19:31

On July 24th 2018 we crossed the border to Canada via the International Peace Park World Heritage Site Waterton - Glacier. Firstly we drove to Waterton Village to check the actual conditions in the Waterton National Park. It turned out that all streets and most of the trails were closed due to a huge fire last September. Still we were lucky because there was an impressive Pow Wow festival of the Blackfoot Indians, an unforgettable experience for us.

Indian Chiefs


There was dancing the whole afternoon including many kids supported by drumming. The costumes were very colorful and so beautiful.


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